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Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables

Locally sourced produce in a basket

Ready-to-Use Products Can Help You Increase Profits

Fresh-cut produce is a great way to provide your customers with easy, fresh, ready-to-use produce. This can include fresh-cut fruit, vegetables, salsa mixes, stew packs, fruit mixes, fajita mixes, and more. Whether your consumers are purchasing for in-home consumption, ?institutions or restaurants, fresh-cut produce helps reduce cooler and storage space and saves time.

Contact a Produce Account Executive

If you’re interested in incorporating fresh-cut produce into your produce strategy, reach out to one of our produce account executives to get started.

1850 Colonial Parkway P.O. Box 337 Norwalk, IA 50211

Wholesale inquiries: 515-981-5111
E-commerce inquiries: 515-953-2863